Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Team Birr Wins Hearing, Headed to USA Curling Olympic Trials

The first article of this blog, A Tale of Three Teams: Clarity Needed in USA Curling's Discretionary Pick Process, was about the slight against Team Birr wherein they were not given a discretionary pick to participate in the upcoming Olympic Trials and how that decision appeared to be nonsensical given the recent history of USA Curling's use of the process. It also discussed the upcoming hearing that Team Birr was going to have, appealing the decision.
Well, that hearing was held on September 21st, and Team Birr announced via their Facebook page that the decision is in and they are headed to Olympic Trials! For all the reasons discussed in my previous post dealing with the issues involved, I am pleased at this outcome and that justice was done! Congrats to Team Birr, and best wishes to all the teams attending the Trials!

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